baby.meAn evidence-based smoking cessation program 

Baby & Me provides counseling support and resources to pregnant women with the goal they quit smoking and maintain smoking cessation throughout the postpartum period and beyond. Our program is successful in helping women quit smoking and stay quit, resulting in improved birth outcomes and long-term positive outcomes for women, children and their families.  

Complete the referral form on the right. The Johnson County Baby & Me Tobacco Free program facilitator will contact the mother right away to get them enrolled into the program.

  • Enrollees commit to quit smoking during pregnancy.
  • Enrollees attend 4 prenatal counseling sessions and participate in a breath test. 
  • At sessions 3 and 4 enrollees will their first free diaper vouchers, if they test tobacco free.
  • Staying tobacco free earns women monthly diaper vouchers for up to twelve months postpartum.
  • Smokers who live with the pregnant woman can also enroll and if successfully quits may receive diaper vouchers during the postpartum period.



Partnership's Maternal & Child Health Team is addressing the need to reduce
Indiana's smoking during pregnancy rate of 11.5% - double the US smoking rate of 6.5%.